About Genesprint

Genesprint was founded in 2010 to provide clients with a wide range of genetic tests through its network of clinics. Services include herediary disease testing, early-stage cancer testing, BRCA testing and talent testing. Just when the company established our advanced laboratory to branch out to in-vitro diagnostics, COVID-19 hit the world. Genesprint not only is among the first in the world to come up with a rapid antigen test for COVID-19 but also developed the patented non-cotton swabs which are still being used by some of our fellow in vitro diagnostic product providers for collecting samples. In 2021 Genesprint successfully developed in vitro tests to detect five most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) using saliva, urine or body fluid as samples.  Our test solutions are awarded the CE certifications in for meeting their standards in detecting these STDs. Building on our track record as well as our team comprising worldwide professionals, Genesprint will continue to develop diagnostic solutions to benefit mankind.